HDS Consulting Services

Experienced, dedicated, and determined to meet your technological needs!

HDS provides educational services for teaching data science essential for secondary and higher education systems.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

HDS has over five years of experience developing augmented reality solutions for companies and educational institutions. The primary AR device used is the Microsoft Hololen 2, and the simulation development environment used is the Unity3D IDE. Our secondary development environment for AR applications is the Unreal 5 IDE.

HDS has over ten years of experience in developing virtual reality software solutions. The company's primary VR headset and simulation engine is the Meta Oculus Quest 2  and the Unity3D simulation engine. We have experience with the other leading VR devices and are willing to create digital solutions with those, and our secondary simulation engine is  Unreal 5 Integrated Development Environment.

Visual Effects (VFX)

HDS has over twelve years of experience developing visual effects for images and videos. The primary developer tool used for these efforts is the Blender3D IDE

Digital Content Modeling

Develop content for 3D models, digital assets, animations, and renders for computer-aided design software and immersive technologies.

Sport Science Research Area - Partnership with North Carolina A & T State University

HDS has over 12 years of experience using the Noraxon EMG and the OptiTrack Motion Capture systems. These technologies are used to support HDS sports science research being conducted in partnership with North Carolina Agriculture & Technical State University. Understanding the relationship between humans' cognitive & physical performance degradations due to significant force impacts (examples: concussions, flexibility limitations, physical fitness level, etc.) is one of Dr. Hamilton's core research domains.


Send a message to mhamilton@hamiltondigitalstudios.com for further discussions about the research or collaboration interest.