Dr. Portia Williams 

Dr. Williams is currently a Teaching Assistant Professor, at North Carolina A&T State University, in the Department of Kinesiology. In her educational background, as a physical therapist, biomechanist, and athletic trainer, she has had experiences in rehabilitative work of acute and chronic injuries to provide a multi-disciplinary approach of the human body.  Her practical experiences in the above-mentioned professions has allowed her to bring a more in depth look into the physical functioning of individuals.

Her research interests are related to injury prevention and performance enhancement research opportunities examining abnormal movement patterns in the lower extremity with emphasis on hamstring injuries, altered reciprocal inhibition, and the lumbo-pelvic complex (LPHC). She has previously explored activation of the hamstring musculature and she is in the early stages of developing a normative database of pre-cursors involved in hamstring injuries. Her dissertation focused on the lower extremity during throwing mechanics to aid in the prevention of hamstring injuries. 

Short Term Research Goals:

Investigate functional tests vs. NordBoard that assess hamstring injuries

Investigate the incidences of hamstring injuries and begin a normative database


Long Term Research Goals: 

Develop musculoskeletal models for biomechanical reports using kinematics, kinetics, and muscle function and develop more effective rehabilitation protocols to decrease the time off the field for those suffering from hamstring injuries.

Dr. Troy Purdom 

Dr. Purdom's background lies within metabolic adaptation and applied science in two specific areas: neuromuscular function, and the intersection of sport nutrition/cardiovascular dysfunction that includes a multifaceted network of researchers, student athletes, coaches and administrators. Focusing on athletic competition and adaptation to exercise training, Dr. Purdom has published articles observing changes in cardiorespiratory fitness, neuromuscular function, body composition, and nutrition impact on recovery across the annual training cycle of collegiate athletes in peer reviewed journals such as: Applied Physiology, Metabolism, and Nutrition; Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research; International Society of Sport Nutrition; and Frontiers of Sport and Active Living. Dr. Purdom was a multi-sport athlete who competed as a collegiate soccer player and competitive master's cyclist. In his spare time Dr. Purdom enjoys exercise training, cooking, landscaping, woodworking, and working on automobiles.