Faisal Aldawood

Thesis Topic

Design and Manufacture of Microneedles for Therapeutic Applications


Sofia Karam

The Development of an Immersive Virtual Exploratory Engine for Immersive Analytics

Emily Wall

An Empirical Study of Virtual Reality Menu Interaction and Design

Bouteina Driouche 

 An investigation of the feasibility of Markov chain-based predictive maintenance models in integrated vehicle health management of military ground fleets

Vidanelage Dayarathna

 The Development of Authentic Virtual Reality Complex  Real-world Scenarios to Measure Individuals’ Level of Systems Thinking Skills and Learning Abilities.

Sayali joshi

Safety Risk Assessment and Improvement Method of Precast/Prestressed Concrete Industry Plant

Niamat Hossain

Development of a New Instrument to Assess the Performance of Systems Engineers

Joshua Marshall

High Order Implementation in Integral Equations

Vanda Spencer

A Framework for Improving Breast Cancer Care Decisions by using Self-Organizing Maps to Profile Patients and Quantify their Attributes

Erin Strigus

Determinants of Holistic Thinking in Engineering Demographics

William Bullington

Modified Ant Colony Algorithm for Dynamic Optimization: A Case Study with Wildlife Surveillance

Oluwatamilore Soneye

Henry Ivuawungo

Safae El Amrani

Oumaima Larif